Me, Muhammad Yusuf.

In the first time I met you, I felt there’s no interesting side about you.

And now, three years then. I’ll give everything so I can meet you, watch your smile, make you happy, together with you, together with you toward the pleasure of Allah. May Allah grants it. Amin. 🙂

4 Responses to “Me, Muhammad Yusuf.”
  1. xLx berkata:

    Garis Keras.

  2. xLx berkata:

    I am a secret agent from Google. I am totally Cool.
    I always know the secret… and also will spread it to the world.

    • Muhammad Yusuf berkata:

      Please. Don’t you dare to spread information contained on this page to the world. This page is my secret. Only me, you and her (someday, she’ll be) who know the secret on this page. If you spread the secret contained on this page to the world, you’re totally ruin my life. 😦

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