I trace MY data by April 2011

In this beginning of April 2011, we’ve worked some crucial improvements to I trace MY data such as the 4 GB addition of RAM and 1 TB addition of Hard Disk capacity. So now I trace MY data has 8 GB of RAM and 1,5 TB of Hard Disk capacity. Then after the addition of Hard Disk capacity, we thought it’s really needed to reinstall the OS. So we reinstalled the OS with the same OS as before that is Windows 7 Ultimate. This reinstall of OS caused the Service Pack is also removed from the system, so now we are waiting for the Windows Update to reinstall the Service Pack 1 to our Windows 7 Ultimate. Meanwhile, we installed Zune to I trace MY data as the default media player for capable media. Actually, we’ve ever installed this Zune in the beginning era of I trace MY data but we stopped using it in the last reinstall. Then now in this reinstall we are using Zune back due to the memories of its beauty and features. Finally, let us show you some imageries of I trace MY data by April 2011:
  • The picture below is showing us the new Hard Disk Drives schema of I trace MY data. We are now having a big-big capacity of drive C where the OS and many applications are installed. So now it’s a quite no problem about installing many applications in I trace MY data.

  • Then we talk about Zune in I trace MY data. Picture provided below showing us about the sweet quickplay view of Zune. But this view is rarely used, we often quickly change the view into collection view.

  • This is the collection view, also sweet. Picture below is showing us the music collection view of Zune. Search view of the music collection view for sure, searching the keyword regarding “Owl City”.
  • Music’s now playing view of Zune. Just like Media Center’s now playing view, but Zune’s now playing has some little bit of differences.

  • Working while enjoying music with the Mini Player of Zune. That always be fun. We can move the Mini Player’s position wherever we like in the screen.

  • Viewing picture in Zune is also fun. All of Zune libraries are directly synchronized with Windows 7’s libraries. Including pictures, so pictures are automatically added from our picture library in Windows 7. Zune is also connected with Windows Live Photo Gallery and this part is always fun.

  • Watching video in the Zune way. The view is much more beautiful than some other players. Unfortunately, Zune is not compatible with the SRT subtitle.
  • This part is also awesome, watching video with the Mini Player of Zune while working. Although technically, it’s a bit impossible doing these stuffs together. 😛
  • Last but not least, Zune also provides an awesome Podcast feature for I trace MY data.
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