Muhammad Yusuf on Microsoft Feed

About almost a year ago, near with my 19th birthday, an message via “ruangchupa @ twitter” came to me from Microsoft Feed told that they want to make a page about my MSP status and some interview regarding that.

And some weeks ago, I replied the message (of course a late reply) and I did the interview with them. They asked me about from when I become an MSP and about my experiences being an MSP. And now, the page for Muhammad Yusuf, an MSP from Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia is available on Microsoft Feed.

The page is available on this link:

Then soon, I will also contribute writing on Microsoft Feed so that some of “Ruang Chupa @ WordPress” articles will be also available on Microsoft Feed. That’s gonna be awesome I think. 😀

We need your comment here. Please leave it below.

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