The New Look and A Huge Thanks from The CEO

The old look of Ruang Chupa @ Wordpress

 It was Ruang Chupa @ Spaces, but then when Microsoft decided to close Live Spaces and moved all blogs contained there to WordPress, we moved and changed the name to Ruang Chupa @ WordPress.

Since Ruang Chupa @ WordPress was started in the medio of 2010, we have a constantly simple appearance which never changing. For branding, we thought.

But starting on the 0.00 AM Pacific Time, Ruang Chupa comes with the new look. With the new state of Ruang Chupa which supporting more organized categories and featured images, we think we need to step away from the old look to the new modern look. Ruang Chupa @ WordPress has passed the time with sharing knowledge and the concept of MY Computer Corporation.

That’s why the CEO of MY Computer Corporation, Muhammad Yusuf, thinks that Ruang Chupa is a big influential stuff for MY Computer Corporation development. Ruang Chupa is a big asset for MY Computer Corporation. Many people jumped into this field. And Ruang Chupa @ WordPress with the new look is the biggest. Thank you, Ruang Chupa.


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