16 of 38 MY SHEIL Arts’ Projects are About Adobe Flash!

This week is frustating. So many college tasks including the presentation of PLSBT subject, creating module for GMM Workshop, a project about C++ and OpenCV, develop the Microsoft event in my campus in the next two weeks, and getting ready for competing in a “big-absolutely-extraordinary-cup” on the next year 2011. So when someone offered me about a Adobe Flash based project for MY SHEIL Arts last night, I rejected it.

Rejecting just because a frustating week?!?!?!? Nope. This is about the MY SHEIL Arts’ strategy that MY SHEIL Arts will be reducing on doing project about Adobe Flash for the next 2 years until 2012. Why reducing? As we know that Adobe Flash future is not so countable, we can’t count on Adobe Flash already. So we choose that learning and keep earning project on another platform is better for our future. Another platform that is going to replace Adobe Flash is HTML 5 for Rich Internet Application and Windows Presentation Foundation for such of a beautiful desktop application.

But in this year Adobe Flash has become the main platform on MY SHEIL Arts projects. In the picture shown MY SHEIL Arts project folder. We have 38 projects this year, it’s mean 38 project folders. And 16 of those folders have Adobe Flash content on them. We can see that from an icon Adobe Flash that floating from the folder icon. Oh Adobe Flash.. How are you doing, eh…

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